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Electrical Supplies in Bowdon, GA

From repairs to "rough-in" work, Messer Hardware is your source for electrical supplies in Bowdon, GA. Visit our hardware store for electrical supplies, equipment, tools, and more. With our product selection and no-nonsense know-how, you have the resources you need to complete your project and keep the lights on.

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers are right at home in our electrical supply section. Our inventory includes the essential electrical parts and tools. Thanks to our robust selection, you can arrive at any site fully prepared and ready to tackle the task at hand.

Robust Selection of Electrical Parts and Supplies

Whether you just need to round out your tool kit or are getting ready to complete a contract, we're here for you. We are well-versed in electrical repair and maintenance, so we know the challenges you face. Simply talk to one of our associates if you need help looking for something, or if you need some friendly advice. Our electrical parts section includes:

• Wires
• Conduits
• Outlets
• Breakers
• Fuses
• Electrical Pipes
• Finishing Supplies
• Incandescent Bulbs
• LED Bulbs
• Outdoor Lighting
• Solar Lighting
• Emergency/Work Lights
• Extension Cords

Electric Supplies

Visit our hardware store for electrical parts and supplies. We serve customers from Bowdon, Carrollton, and Tallapoosa, GA, as well as Ranburne and Woodland, AL