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Messer Hardware

“Old-Fashioned Hardware Store” is the best way to explain Messer Hardware.

Remember when a person actually greeted you at the door and provided quality information and service?

Remember when sales people were knowledgeable about hardware, plumbing, electrical, paint, and agricultural products?

Remember when nails were weighed by the pound or when lawn and garden seed were scooped from bulk containers?

Remember when glass panes were cut to size and keys were copied that actually worked? Or, when have you seen galvanized and black steel pipe cut and threaded to order?

Maybe you would like to buy a hand cranked White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer with a wooden tub.

We pride ourselves at Messer Hardware by offering the old-fashioned hardware store products and service.

You can also buy newer products like Carhartt Clothes, Georgia Boots, pet supplies, and select from a huge selection of Case Knives.

Choose from all this and much more including Big Green Egg Charcoal Grills, or Holland Gas Grills.

We have the latest in paint technology and feature Valspar Paint. Visit our pool and spa department to have your water professionally tested; then choose from major chemical brands like Arch and Bioguard.

Check out our rental department for items needed, but not practical for purchase.

Or just stop in to chat about anything of interest, especially sports and the weather.